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The Long Island Writers' Guild, Inc.®


LIWG Writing Workshops
During a writing workshop, writers read their works-in-progress, and other members offer constructive critiquing. The writing workshops are an excellent forum for improving writing skills while enjoying the community of other motivated writers.
Workshop Format
I. Introduction
Guild members give a brief introduction of themselves and any news they would like to share.
II. Creative Writing
Topics for creative writing are presented and members write silently for 10 minutes.
Come join us for "Magic Paper" and the writing exercises!
III. Presentation and Critiquing
Guild members can share with the group the creations they've just penned, or works that they've brought with them. Members often read from poems, novels, or short stories in-progress.

We have three key rules when we critique:

1) Whenever you are discussing writing you are addressing someone's soul (or soul's creation).  Therefore, respect it.

2) Each writer/member can read approximately six pages of his/her work, or for six minutes.

3) Listen/Look for the good (phrasing, imagery, dialogue) first, and learn.

The Presentation and Critiquing portion of the workshops offer writing lessons as each piece is discussed.

Writing Workshop Calendar of Events
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